SimpleWag LLC Launches Campaign to Reduce Rate of Lost Dogs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (San Diego, CA) According to statistics, one in every three pets is going to become lost in its lifetime. Also, only 15 to 20 percent of lost dogs will make it back home. The majority of dogs that are returned to their owners are wearing an ID tag or have been tattooed … Continue reading “SimpleWag LLC Launches Campaign to Reduce Rate of Lost Dogs”


(San Diego, CA) According to statistics, one in every three pets is going to become lost in its lifetime. Also, only 15 to 20 percent of lost dogs will make it back home. The majority of dogs that are returned to their owners are wearing an ID tag or have been tattooed or microchipped. These shocking statistics have spurred some companies into action to help reduce the occurrence of lost pets.

One company taking action is Simple Wag. In an effort to reduce the number of lost pets, the company is giving away custom dog tags. This is in an effort to help bring more awareness to the rising number of lost dogs and the increasing strain it is putting on animal shelters.

“We understand that most pet owners take precautions to prevent their pet from wandering and getting lost,” stated Simple Wag representative Chelsea Rivera. “Unfortunately, the unexpected happens all the time. That is why we are providing a free aluminum dog tag to families that are dedicated to keeping their pet safe.”

Even though 80 percent of pet owners believe that pet identification tags are essential, only 33 percent report that their pet wears them all the time. If a pet isn’t wearing a tag at all times and they happen to wander out of the yard or get lost, the likelihood of getting them back is reduced significantly.

“Our dogs are our best friends and we have to take the proper steps to protect them and ensure they are safe at all times,” continued Rivera. “We invite pet owners to visit our website and check it out. The free dog tag offer is going to continue as long as it takes to reduce the number of lost pets.”

While there are several pet identification methods available today, identification tags are the most affordable and available. Protecting a pet requires proper identification.


Simple Wag was created with a single goal in mind – to help ensure pet owners could provide a healthy and happy life for their animals. The owners of the company are working diligently to ensure Simple Wag becomes the go-to resource for pet owners from all over the world. In addition to providing invaluable information about keeping pets safe, they also provide email alert services to inform owners of recalls regarding pet food and other issues. The company is dedicated to keeping animals safe.

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Consultants: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Why Hire a Professional for Company Set Up Advice

It is important that you get a clear grasp of the rules and regulations to be followed when you decide to open a company in a new state or country. Many startups have ended up collapsing due to issues with authorities and you wouldn’t definitely want yours to be counted as one of them. For the business to survive in the new environment, you need a professional to help you understand rules and regulations that should be followed.

A company formation expert will provide relevant advice on the regulations surrounding the type of business you would like to form. He or she will inform you of the regulations that might have an impact on the business in the short run or the long run. With the advice from these professionals, you will understand how to properly manage your business. Their services are essential in the business expansion strategies and the financial aspects.

When setting up an offshore company, many people are normally not aware of the rules of the land. With the professionals, you get someone that can help with offshore asset management, trustees, and collaboration with the attorneys, among others. These professionals will also help you build networks that will work to your advantage when you move to the new country.
The Key Elements of Great Companies

Getting a business set up professional opens the door to many business opportunities that would have otherwise passed. Corporate consultation services do offer a one-stop solution to each and every problem that a business owner might have. Among the benefits they offer include finding office space, tax optimization opportunities, and asset protection.
Lessons Learned from Years with Businesses

Setting up a company in a new country requires that you follow quite a number of rules. Knowing how to operate a business in one country doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be capable of doing the same in another country. With business formation experts, you have an opportunity to start and run a business successful in any country. There are different rules for partnerships and sole proprietorship, and the advisers will bring it to your attention.

Given the benefits that company formation experts provide, you have many reasons to hire their services. Having all the important details taken care of by these professionals frees you from the burden of having to do everything by yourself or losing consumer confidence. Therefore, you have to take advantage of these services in order to get your business up and running easily.

The 10 Best Resources For Resources

Tips to Follow in Managing Golf Course Effectively

There are a lot of low handicap golfers who fails in effectively managing the course during the rounds. A golfer that wishes to maximize their ability must follow the guide below in managing the golf course.

Effective course management for golfers are actually all about using their heads. Any smart golfer will think carefully through every shot before they will step up in order to hit it. They are going to think through all the factors that is going to go to the shot and then will create an effective plan for it. They then could hit every shot confidently, which is able to help increase on their success rate.

To practice an effective course management, it is important that golfers know their games well. This will actually need to take a good look in the mirror and to also identify all the flaws in the game. When the golfers know every flaw in the game, they could then make moves in taking advantage of their flaws.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Consultants

One example with this is where many golfers deal with a hook or a lice on the drives that they have. Through an effective course management, it will be able to take advantage for it. Rather than the process of aiming straight down the middle, it is going to aim a little off-center. This is actually going to allow the ball to slice or hook without worrying of heading to the rough.
Lessons Learned from Years with Courses

An effective course management likewise means being relaxed and also swinging freely. One example with this is that there are many people that steps up to a par-five hole and then pull out the driver. If they see that the yardage is over 500 yards, they will swing their hardest and will try to crush the ball. In a lot of cases, this is going to lead to a shanked drive. The smart golfers will actually try to manage the course by taking a swing of about 80 – 90% on their maximum effort, which then results to a more predictable and accurate swing.

An important part to an effective course management is in knowing when to apply the lay-up. This would mean the case of knowing when to try and then hit it over the water and to also when to lay up short to get an easy chip shot. This means knowing when to place the ball hard in order to try to sink the birdie and to also when to give it a light tap in taking the easy par.

There are a lot golfers that look through their golf sets and then picks out the biggest club. The best solution for this is to choose the club from their golf sets to which they can effectively manage the course.

What Research About Services Can Teach You

Choosing Professional Cleaning Services

In looking for commercial cleaning services, you first need to determine the size of the facility to clean, this way you can narrow down the number of professional cleaning services to look for. You might require cleaning for your whole building or a few other store locations. After that you should determine how often you will need the cleaning done, what surfaces to clean and the budget you have set for the services needed. Now that you have figured all that out, you can then proceed to interview prospected cleaning companies.

When looking for a commercial cleaning company to hire, make sure to find one that has a proven track record of keeping their clients satisfied. This way, you can avoid the hassle of looking for a new cleaning company every time you need their services.

Before selecting the professional cleaning company you are going to hire, be sure to consider these few things first:

Liability Insurance
You have to make sure that you are going to hire a company that has liability insurance so that you are protected against potential liability claims that may arise from the cleaning. You should also make sure that the company has worker’s compensation insurance for their employees, you will also find that most states will require this insurance from these companies. The best thing to do is to ask a copy of their insurance certificate, this way you will really find out the extent of coverage that their insurance has. Making sure that they have adequate insurance policies will protect you, your business and their employees throughout the cleaning process should there be any damages done or accidents that happen on your property.

Cleaning Products and Equipment
Be sure to find out what cleaning products and equipment the company uses to clean various surfaces. A lot of inexperienced cleaners may use the right product improperly or use the wrong products entirely and they may even using the wrong equipment as well. Reputable companies will be more than happy to look around the facility and let you know about how the cleaning process will take place and might even help you come up with a schedule to keep things spick and span.

Pricing Method
You should also ask for the structure of their pricing, both for the required services and for any other services you might need. Reputable cleaning services will understand that you are working on a budget, so they will give you a range of prices for other services that might arise.

Choosing a commercial cleaning service in Las Vegas or any other state is not that hard if you know what information to look for. By keeping these tips in mind, you will find a great cleaning company that will surely be up to your standards, if not even better.
A 10-Point Plan for Cleaning (Without Being Overwhelmed)
The Art of Mastering Companies

A Simple Plan For Researching Guides

Important Cat Supplies For Your Growing Kittens

Pets are among the most lovable creatures that can happen to almost anyone and as a pet parent, it is extremely important to properly take care of them. Regardless if you own a dog or cat ,you should always be on the verge of checking into what they need in an effort to achieve optimal health as they grow. As being a pet owner, having the basic necessities that your pet needs is integral most especially if what you own is a growing kitten.

Actually, there’s a wide array of cat supplies that are strongly recommended to be bought.

Number 1. Cat food – food is a very basic supply that every cat owner should know. Food is basically the foundation for a healthy cat and lacking of this can potentially lead to improper growth of your pet. Better take a look for the correct proportion of cat food depending on the size and age of your cat. Blindly feeding your cat with just whatever you have in hand is not right. It doesn’t hurt to consult a veterinarian in case that you are a little bit confused on what food your pet needs or what your cat requires.

Number 2. Flea and tick collars – we know that foods are crucial for your kittens but so do as protection from harmful parasites as well. Both ticks and fleas are very common parasites that are attacking cats and may additionally cause a number of skin conditions that your cat may suffer. Applying preventative measure is very important in order to prevent your cat from these creatures. The good thing is that, there are lots of flea as well as tick treatments available in different pet shop so it wouldn’t be a problem to buy one. On the other hand, to be able to check which one suits best for your pet, you still need to do some homework.

Mainly because your kitty is still at the growing phase, it will be highly advisable to just use collars than trying some oral or topical solutions. Effective pest control collars are capable of preventing these bloodsucking parasites to attack your cat while providing a long lasting protection.

Number 3. Wormers – if mothers aren’t treated for worms then expect that their kittens are going to carry the same as well, making them more vulnerable to intestinal infection. For you to protect the mother and its kitten, it will be a wise move to buy the appropriate worming treatment to your veterinarian or to a pet store.

A cat collar is also a good accessory to put in your cat so you can easily find them when they’re going places.

A Simple Plan: Options

What Landscaping Design Facts Should You Be Aware Of?

Getting or building your very own house is one of the major goals of every person who wants to consider such as valuable. If you are a home owner yourself, then you know how vital it is to put as much effort on the house that you have invested your money and time in. Several home owners make it their goal to increase a notch the aesthetic value of their homes the best way possible. If you are one of these people, then getting a landscaping work done is one of the best methods you can do to make your house more attractive.

If this is still your first time getting a landscaping project done, it is undeniable that you are feeling a little overwhelmed on what necessary actions you must be able to take. There are still several home owners out there who are confident enough in doing the landscaping themselves. If such is your preference, then you can do so, but there are more home owners who are more satisfied of their lawn because they have hired a professional landscaper. Whether you do the project all by yourself or seek the help from a professional, it is vital that you learn the basics of landscaping.

First and foremost, you must be motivated enough if you have plans of starting your first landscaping project. A landscaping project is only a success if you have carefully organized the plans that you have in your head. There are numerous materials and websites that can serve as good sources when it comes to finding the best landscaping design that suits your yard best. Once you have gathered enough landscaping ideas and information, the next step that you will do will be categorizing them. Once you have categorized these ideas properly, you can immediately decide on the landscaping design to follow. Furthermore, you will also get a clear picture of the tools and equipment that you will be needing as you embark on your landscaping journey. If there are other people living inside your home, make sure that you also ask their landscaping ideas.
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Options

As you start doing your landscaping project, always remember to start things off first that are small in value before you get to tackle on the major and bigger ones. Creating a landscape does not automatically imply that you have to change the entire area of your property right away. You are only able to finish your landscaping project successfully if you make sure to divide several of your landscaping tasks. Before you begin landscaping, you have be greatly familiar of the different areas that comprise your property. You are only able to turn your landscaping idea into a reality if you are greatly familiar of your property areas. Creating a list of the plants that you want to purchase to be placed on your property must also be done as you do your landscaping project.News For This Month: Landscapers

Looking On The Bright Side of Businesses

3 Simple Ways To Find A Good Moving Company

If you’re thinking of relocating or moving out, then you must decide upon which company you should hire to help you move out. Since you will mostly depend on the service offered by the moving company, this is a decision that is so important to make during your move or relocation. These companies are basically professionals who have expertise in handling brittle items, packing and unpacking stuff and making sure that they’ll reach the destination without damage.

So, if you have not thought about this already, there’s nothing to be worried about. Here’s a quick guide that can help you find a reliable and good moving company to assist you in your move.

Tip number 1. Inquire around – if you know someone be it your relatives, friends or whoever who have recently relocated, better consider contacting them and ask which company they hired for the move. Ideally, get at least 2 or 3 names and inquire the type of service the company offers, years they have in the industry and so forth. You better talk to people who are close to you since they can be a big help in understanding better not only the process but can even help you to come up with an informed decision too.
A 10-Point Plan for Resources (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Tip number 2. Get a quotation – after making inquiries, this is the next point that you have to be mindful about. Getting quotations from different movers means that you’re asking about their charges and prices for the services they offer. By doing so as well, you will see that different companies offer different pricing. But, it is best to not just go for the one that’s charging the least as you need to consider as well what you’re being charged for, the current rate in the market, the kind of package you’re opting for and the likes.
The Key Elements of Great Services

Tip number 3. Look at their quality of service – as what mentioned earlier, you shouldn’t go for companies that are offering lowest price. You have to take into mind as well the services they offer for the same. To give you an example, there are companies that are giving quotes that are exclusive of packing costs and may include the moving quote only. With this being said, you have to be certain of what you are being charged for. This is also important as it can help you avoid to deal with hidden charges in the future.

Now that you have read and learned of the aforementioned tips, follow them to easily choose a moving company to help you out. By doing so, rest assure that you’re only making right decisions and hiring a good company.

A Simple Plan For Researching Products

Here Are Important Information About Dogs That A Lot Of New Dog Owners Do Not Know About

If you have friends or family with dogs then I suggest that you spend time with their dog first before you get one. People that love dogs and would like to get one usually grew up with a dog or has family members that are dog lovers. It is not the same to just spend time with dogs of other people and having and taking care of your own dog. Having your own dog is just like having a child since they also depend on you to provide their needs. Once you have a dog, you need to take good care of the dog even if it is not healthy and has a medical condition.

There are actually some dog owners that are not familiar with canine ownership. In this article, you will learn about things that most new dog owners do not know about.

Dogs do not always listen to their owners

Dogs are just like children that do not always listen to their parents. If you want to overcome this issue then you need to train your dog. Dogs are really intelligent and you can give your dog rewards when you want him or her to do something.

Dogs that are clean can still get fleas

Your dogs can still have fleas even if you bathe him or her on a regular basis and have him or her groomed. Your dogs can actually get fleas anywhere and if they get fleas you need to immediately fix the problem. You can actually purchase flea drops in pet shops. If your dog has fleas, then you need to wash his or her bed in hot water so the fleas will die. You should also clean the area where your dog usually stays.

Dogs do not always warn you that they need to go

You can actually train your dog to go out when they need to go. There are things that dogs do if they need to go such as standing in front of the door, wag their tail or nod towards the door. However, they do not always do this. Dogs that are not trained or is sick may just do their business on their bed or in the floor. Every dog owner will experience this.

Dogs would like to know and feel love

It is still not certain if dogs really know the concept of love, but what we are sure that all dogs are loyal. If you take good care of your dog, then you can be sure that they will be with your until the end. However, there are certain cases when this becomes a problem especially when you will introduce a new member in your family.

Getting To The Point – Animals

Good Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Greyhound

Are you searching for an affectionate, laid back, gentle and clean dog? A greyhound is the perfect dog for you as they are one of the most laid-back breeds of dogs, well-known for racing and only require low maintenance. Give your greyhound love, care and a warm place to sleep and surely it will be repaid with kindness, making greyhounds as excellent companions. There are excellent reasons adopting a greyhound as compared to other breeds of dogs such making great apartment dogs; with excellent manners; can enjoy your active lifestyle; professional couch potatoes; extremely laid back; make wonderful family pets; very affectionate; easy to groom; gentle and mild mannered; come in different stunning colors; robust, healthy and long lived breed; polite in meeting new people; relaxed and quiet; and able adapt quickly to their new homes.

Greyhounds only need at least an house of exercise per day and then you can leave your greyhound in your apartment as you go to work without any problem, and you’ll notice he will surely love just relaxing and lounging around around in their favorite comfortable spot. A greyhound extends his friendliness to strangers, thus this particular breed is naturally reserved with wonderful manners most especially in meeting new people. If you have an active lifestyle, greyhounds can enjoy jogging, hiking, or exploring new parks, making them as excellent travel buddies, meeting new pets and people. Greyhounds sleep as much as sixteen to eighteen hours every day, laying on their back, with their long legs extended in different angles, and they can sleep in very odd positions, known as roaching. Greyhounds are capable of adjusting their activity levels to yours, and they can be contented spending time with their human best friends, regardless if they are sitting on a couch watching TV, walking or jogging. Greyhounds are retired racers so they well thrive in a home environment, making them as excellent pets for the family as they are sweet, loving, smart, gentle, quiet and clean.

If you need a canine cuddle buddy, then greyhounds are perfect for you because they are very affectionate dogs. Greyhounds are easily maintained through weekly grooming and occasional bath because their short coat is sleek and easy to manage. Greyhounds are beautiful dogs and they come in good color combination such as white to black, tan to red, or brindle to grey. Greyhounds are not prone to health problems and they have a life expectancy of ten to thirteen years. It might be overwhelming getting your first dog, but selecting a greyhound is never a wrong choice. For related articles, you can always check our homepage or website to know how to best care for your dog such as flea and tick protection for dogs. Don’t think twice, greyhounds make an excellent home and active buddies.

Questions About Dogs You Must Know the Answers To

Need Help Caring For A Dog? Read Dog Flea Treatment Reviews

If you have a dog at home, you know that they can get fleas at a certain period of time. As a pet owner, you have to learn on taking care of your pets. If you discover that your dog has fleas, you need to deal with the issue right away as fleas are definitely not healthy for your dogs. Regrettably, your pet may have a chance of gathering fleas at certain time.

Searching online is the greatest way to find dog flea treatment reviews that will be safe and effective for your dog. A lot of people ask themselves, is fleas treatment safe for dogs? If you are in doubt, then read the dog flea treatment reviews. Undoubtedly, this is an issue. To ensure that you are getting the right product, read dog flea treatment reviews. By obtaining the best product, it will free your dogs from getting such fleas.

Because you can compare the specification and the costs on different web sites out of dog flea treatment reviews for the greatest flea treatment for the lowest price, the net is a wonderful place that allows you to discover natural flea treatment for dogs. It’s an excellent thing to make sure that you look at numerous internet sites to ensure that you are getting the best offer. Nice dog flea treatment reviews have special discounts and deals.

One good thing to do if you have found some flea medications for your pet that you are interested in is to see if there are online reviews. Were the customers satisfied with that specific flea treatment? Did they discover it to be efficient in curing their fleas of the dog?

How valuable was it is preventing of the fleas for their pets? When you are reading dog flea treatment reviews, there are questions you wish to know about. You may like to give a treatment a try and see if it is an efficient flea treatment for your dog if you have discovered a natural flea treatment for the pets that includes a lot of reviews that are positive on the online sites. There a wide range of benefits to treating your dog’s fleas, and for that reason, it is an excellent idea to find efficient fleas. There are a lot of places on the internet that provide flea management which will undoubtedly be very effective, and if you do some exploring, you will certainly find the flea treatment that you are searching for very quickly. Once you have implemented the management, your dog will be happier and healthier, and that’s an undeniable path. All you need to do is take time to look into your options before you choose one.